Book cover for Learning on Location: Place-Based Approaches for Diverse Learners in Higher Education by Ashley J. Holmes. Series on Engaged Learning and Teaching
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ISBN: 9781642674217

November 2023

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Choose a Location: Choose a local, public location—an actual physical spot or site—where you could sit and write for a short amount of time and then (ideally) publish your writing. Choose a spot that is related to your topic for your upcoming writing assignment and/or choose a spot that allows you to brainstorm or free write your ideas for your assignment.
Visit Location with Mobile Device: Next, choose a time when you can visit your selected location. Bring a mobile device (such as a cell phone, laptop, e-Reader, or tablet) on which you could write while actually visiting the location.
Write on Location: While visiting your location, find a spot to sit/stand/lie down where you can write for a few minutes. Compose a free write or reflection that informally captures whatever comes to your mind while you are actually, physically in the location. Ideally, your free write will be helpful in generating ideas and/or content for your upcoming writing assignment. You are encouraged to take pictures and/or videos that may help you capture your experiences in this location at this moment; you can submit additional media as part of your free write/reflection. Either before you begin or during your free write, be sure to identify your location.
Publish on Location: If you have access to a WiFi or cell signal that would allow you to publish or submit your assignment while visiting the location, take a few moments to publish/submit before leaving. Follow your instructor’s submission instructions for the “write on location” assignment.
Alternate Instructions: If for whatever reason you are not able to use a mobile device for this assignment, choose an alternative method for completing the assignment, such as writing your reflection with pen and paper to type-up later. If at all possible, try to complete the actual writing while visiting the location. If you are unable to publish/submit your assignment while visiting the location, plan to publish/submit as soon as possible once you have an accessible method for publishing/submitting.