Related Articles and Media

Peter and Leo have written and spoken extensively about the ideas explored in their book Relationship-Rich Education. This page is a curated list of this media, for those who want to extend their thinking about these topics.


“Mentors Play Critical Role in Quality of College Experience, New Poll Suggests.” The Conversation, August 22, 2018.

Leo Lambert, Peter Felten, and Jason Husser discuss the critical role that academic mentors play in the undergraduate college experience and the polling research that supports this idea.

“Covid-19 and Higher Education, Be the Human.” IFYC (Interfaith Youth Core), April 8, 2020.

This article by Leo Lambert discusses how COVID-19 frames the conversation of Relationship-Rich Education and makes that argument that there has never been a more important time to study human connection in higher education.

“Creating a Relentless Welcome.” Teaching Matters Blog, University of Edinburgh, October 21, 2019.

Peter Felten gave a keynote address titled “Relationships Matter” at the Learning & Teaching Conference at the University of Edinburg. This blog post summarizes the talk, describing the ways student and stuff relationships shape the undergraduate experience. The article includes a full-length video of the keynote address.

“Students, Higher Education, and Covid-19: Toward New Possibilities.” HELTASA (Higher Education Learning & Teaching Association of South Africa).

Peter Felten writes for an international audience on the immense difficulty and opportunity that COVID-19 has on students and teaching higher education in a relational way.

“Learning and Thriving.” HERDSA Connect 42 (2) Autumn.

“Learning and Thriving,” by Peter Felten, was published in HERDSA Connect, an Australian magazine on higher education research, where Felten connects his higher education research to the COVID-19 undergraduate landscape.

“Making Relationship-Rich Experiences the Heart of Higher Education.” Teaching@Sydney, the University of Sydney, July 11, 2019.

Ruth Weeks writes about Peter Felten’s keynote address at the HERDSA2019 Conference. She says, “It was refreshing to see a focus on human relationships rather than technology, fancy frameworks or talks on ‘impact’ and ‘effectiveness.’”

Audio and Video

“How Human Connections Drive College Success.” ACE Podcast, December 10, 2019.

Leo Lambert and Peter Felten talk with Philip Rogers and Sherri Hughes on the American Council of Educators podcast about their book Relationship-Rich Education.

Peter Felten and Leo Lambert discuss their book in a plenary session of the Gardner Institute’s Virtual Gateway Course Experience Conference on April 23, 2020.