The Undergraduate Experience
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ISBN: 978-1-119-05074-2

May 2016 | Jossey-Bass

“Making College Matter,” The Conversation

In this blog post, Leo Lambert and Peter Felten discuss two key factors that will help students have a meaningful college experience: take responsibility for their learning and develop meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, and peers.

“Improvement Matters,” National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

This viewpoint summarizes important takeaways found in Chapter 6 of The Undergraduate Experience: Focusing Institutions on What Matters Most (2016) by Peter Felten, John N. Gardner, Charles C. Schroeder, Leo M. Lambert, and Betsy O. Barefoot. The seven principles summarized here inform good assessment practice and improvement. Keeping these action principles in mind and using them to guide assessment and improvement efforts on your campus can help lead to meaningful change.

“Executive Editor Frank Shushok, Jr. Sits Down with Peter Felten and Charles C. Schroeder to Discover What Matters Most for a Meaningful Undergraduate Experience,” About Campus

In this interview, Peter Felten and Charles C. Schroeder share their views on how to create a quality undergraduate experience for students and why every relationship matters.