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The sample photograph release form is similar to the ones used by photographer Martin Springborg when making photographs that are part of The Teaching and Learning Project, a photo documentary project focused on postsecondary education.

This form grants dual usage rights to the photographer and the institution, enabling both to use the images for exhibits, publications, displays, and other uses in a variety of settings and purposes. When making photographs in an educational setting, consent is also important because educational records (including digital and other media) may be covered by special forms of protection.

It is highly recommended to work with your own institution’s legal counsel and/or office of communications to ensure that photograph release forms follow institutional protocols and any regional or national laws that may apply. This form is offered as an example only.

Note that when photographing in a class or other academic setting, some participants may not want to grant photographic releases. It is recommended that you have a plan in place for ensuring that people who choose not to grant photograph release are still able to participate fully, and that you have a way to note, recall, and delete any images that accidentally contain those individuals during the editing and review process. For example, you may want to ask to take an informal photo of those people so that you are sure to recognize them, or ask them to wear a discrete sticker somewhere near their face during the gathering being photographed.

Photograph Release Form [.docx]