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June 2022

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July 2022

What Teaching Looks Like examines photography as an intriguing approach for engaging faculty, students, and staff in the work of pedagogical transformation, creating community around that effort, and taking active learning further into the mainstream.

What Teaching Looks Like: Higher Education through Photographs challenges reader’s conceptions of teaching by offering a unique perspective on daily teaching practices in higher education across the United States of America. This captivating and insightful book presents a rare opportunity for readers to see teaching in action, with people at its heart, and reflect upon what this means for them and the sector at large… By making the book freely available and offering extension resources, the authors demonstrate a commitment to deep learning through reflection and the sharing of knowledge, values that lie at the heart of higher education.

What Teaching Looks Like: Higher Education through Photographs is unlike any other book on higher education that I have ever read. The work is visually arresting, extremely engaging, and profound. That’s a rare combination… I encourage you to read it and to give its questions your consideration. I’d wager that you might see what goes in the classroom in different ways. 

David Potash, President, Wilbur Wright College

IT IS AMAZING. The pictures are fantastic and the content really drives home so much about what I love about teaching. This is a MUST READ. For all of you who love higher ed, look at it and, likely, as I did, see yourself or the fantastic educators and learners you know, in those photos.

Chris Hakala, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship and Professor of Psychology, Springfield College 

Such a powerful way to document what’s happening in the classroom and to drive change!

Timothy McKay, Professor of Physics, Astronomy, Education, and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, University of Michigan

Horii … and Springborg … deliver a documentary-photography project that makes vividly real effective, engaged teaching. Anyone interested in better teaching can see, and not just think abstractly about, the human interactions that enliven the class setting: the magic of in-person learning.

Harvard Magazine, November-December 2022

The book is a fascinating look at classroom and student life through a photographer’s lens. More than that, it is meant to inspire reflection and conversation on how to improve both teaching practices and student support services.

Caltech Magazine, August 8, 2022

This book is invaluable as “a thick description” of the realities of teaching and learning; and as “a form of truth” that gives recognition to the work that teachers and learners do. Most importantly, it is a call for change, to rethink teaching and learning – not as a limited, homogeneous set of mechanical acts, but as a mutually enriching form of human interactions at the intersection of spaces, people, and practices that gives meaning to education – to nourish and cherish one another intellectually, socially, morally. Each of us can surely find our identity and our truth reflected in and so brilliantly curated in this noble project.

Chng Huang Hoon, National University of Singapore, and Past-Co-President of ISSOTL

This is a wonderful exploration of what teaching and learning looks and feels like. The images allow the reader to see what authentic teaching is in higher education and not just read about it. Spanning all disciplines, this volume captures the beauty and reality that is teaching and learning.

David J. Hornby, Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning, Carleton University