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July 2022

When The Teaching and Learning Project visits institutions to make photographs, one of the underlying conditions is that the college or university retains full access to the resulting images. Institutions have deployed these photographs in a variety of ways, bringing students, faculty, and staff together to encounter their collective endeavor in new ways, through the visual medium of photography. Photographs of classes have also become the basis for reflection on and changes in teaching practice by individual instructors. This chapter includes reflections from campus participants about their unique insights based on intentionally designed encounters with photographs, individually and in community, as part of their strategies for change. Through rich and nuanced examples, ways in which photographs can play a role in changing communication, community, and practice related to teaching and learning are explored. The chapter concludes with resources and advice about making photographs in a wide range of postsecondary institutional settings, along with reflections about the potential future roles of photographs in change efforts.

Discussion Questions

  • Try exploring existing photographs and visuals associated with teaching (or another area of organizational change) at your own and other institutions, using websites and available digital publications. What messages might the images convey? Are those messages accurate? How might they help and/or hinder organizational change efforts? What and who is included and/or excluded from the images you find?
  • In your context, what kind(s) of organizational change are you working on, e.g., changing communication, changing community, changing practices? How could using photographs in new ways potentially support your efforts, either in ways discussed in this chapter, or otherwise?