Welcome to Week 3 of Critical Transitions Online!

This week’s resources and discussion focus on:

  • Future directions in studying and designing for writing transfer;
  • Strategies for multi-institutional research about writing transfer; and
  • Other reconsiderations of how teacher-scholars approach studying and designing for writing transfer.

We invite you to watch this week’s videos, explore the featured readings, participate in this week’s forum discussions, and join us June 21, 2013, for a live chat with Kathleen Blake Yancey.

Week 3 Videos

Future Directions in Studying and Designing for Writing Transfer: Linda Adler-Kassner, Chris Anson, Dana Driscoll, Gwen Gorzelsky, Rebecca Nowacek, Liane Robertson, Elizabeth Wardle, Carmen Werder, and Carl Whithaus discuss future directions for writing transfer studies.

Writing and the Question of Transfer: Strategies for Multi-Institutional Research: Dana Driscoll, Ed Jones, and Liane Robertson share strategies for conducting multi-institutional research about writing transfer.

Featured Readings For Week 3

This week our featured readings focus on “disrupting ” our understandings of learning and research. This disruption is intended to inspire participants 1) to re-imagine future studies about and curricular (and co-curricular) designs intended to support writing transfer and 2) to consider research traditions beyond writing studies:

For another look at the Elon Research Seminar’s developing exploration of writing transfer, see: Taczak, Kara. “The Question of Transfer.” Composition Forum, 26 (Fall 2012).

Want to read more? Click here for additional recommended readings.

Week 3 Discussions

Participate in this week’s asynchronous discussions, and/or continue conversations from Weeks 1 and 2. Since participants will post and respond as their schedules allow, we encourage you to check back often to read new posts and continue the conversation. [The Discussion Forum has Closed]

Week 3 Live Chat

Please join us for this week’s live chat with Kathleen Blake Yancey on June 21st (1:00 PM Pacific/4:00 PM Eastern). Registered participants will receive an email on June 21st with a link to the live chat. (Registration is free; simply click “register for Critical Transitions Online” on the home page.)

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