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Click below to view question sets you can consider as you reflect on how an Internship integrates with the rest of your education and with your personal and professional goals. Use the menu to the right to access questions specific to each of the other Elon Experiences.

  • As you look ahead to your internship, how do you understand your role and responsibilities at the internship site?
  • What are your goals for your internship experience? What skills do you hope to develop, or what experiences do you hope to gain, during your internship?
  • How might you collaborate with your internship site supervisor and your faculty mentor to work towards achieving those personal or professional goals (e.g., new skills or experiences)?
  • How will you self-assess your progress towards meeting your personal or professional goals?
  • How does the internship connect to your own values and goals?
  • How does this internship experience relate to what you have learned elsewhere (e.g., in courses in your major, in courses you took for the Core Curriculum, at other internships, etc.)? 
  • What challenges have you encountered at your internship site, and what strategies have you tried using to navigate those challenges?
  • How does your internship experience align with or challenge your academic knowledge?
  • How successful have you been so far at meeting your internship responsibilities, and what strategies have contributed to your success?
  • What have you learned so far at your internship site that will inform your internship work in the weeks to come?
  • What did you learn – about yourself or your field of study – during your internship experience?
  • In what ways were you successful at your internship site, and what strategies or practices contributed to your success?
  • In what ways were you challenged by your internship experience?
  • Based on your internship experience, what else would you like to learn to advance in your professional field or related areas?

The integration and reflection questions for internships are synthesized from Kiser, Ash & Clayton, and Work Integrated Learning resources, and adapted to the Elon University internship context.

Want to write responses to one or more of these Internship questions? Open this Google Doc and make a copy (File –> Make a Copy) to save an editable version to your Google Drive.