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Click below to view question sets you can consider as you reflect on how Undergraduate Research integrates with the rest of your education and with your personal and professional goals. Use the menu to the right to access questions specific to each of the other Elon Experiences.

  • What would you like to gain by pursuing a research experience?
  • How have your courses interested you and led you to consider a research experience?
  • How do you think a research experience would add to your time at Elon and time after Elon?
  • What preconceptions do you have about undergraduate research?
  • What is your major and do you think you’d like to pursue research in that major?
  • What topics in your major interest you?
  • What characteristics and qualities are important to you in identifying a faculty mentor?
  • Do you have a faculty mentor in mind?
  • Have you identified questions related to UR that you would like to ask of the faculty in your department?
  • How has your research experience deepened your interest in your major?
  • How has your research experience informed your course selections and career interests?
  • How have your courses and career interests informed your research experience?
  • How has your research experience connected you with others who have challenged you to learn and grow?
  • Have you spoken to other students about the benefits of undertaking a research project?
  • What have you learned about yourself and what skills have you developed as a result of undertaking a research project?
  • How will you talk about the value of your research experience when you go on job/grad school interviews?
  • What university resources have been particularly supportive of your research journey and why?
  • How was your research experience during your time at Elon both beneficial and valuable?
  • As you look back on your research experience, what were the prominent challenges you faced and how did you overcome these challenges?
  • What qualities and skills were you able to develop as a result of undertaking a research project and how do you see yourself using these skills in the future?

Want to write responses to one or more of these Undergraduate Research questions? Open this Google Doc and make a copy (File –> Make a Copy) to save an editable version to your Google Drive.