Association of American Colleges and Universities 2018 Meeting | Washington, D.C. | January 25, 2018 | 4:15 – 5:30 PM


  • Jessie L. Moore (, Director, Center for Engaged Learning, Elon University
  • Amanda Sturgill, Associate Professor of Communications, Elon University
  • Katia Levintova, Associate Professor of Political Science and Global Studies, University of Wisconsin- Green Bay
  • Iris Berdrow, Professor of Management, Bentley University

Session Resources:

Reporting on findings from a multi-year, multi-institutional study of Integrating Global Learning with the University Experience: Higher-Impact Study Abroad and Off-Campus Domestic Study, representatives of a 25-member research collaborative will share six principles that should inform institutional, programmatic, and faculty/staff practices for off-campus study. Presenters will showcase multi-institutional teams’ research projects to illustrate how current research informs the principles, and will share resources that attendees can use to facilitate evidence-supported conversations about off-campus study programs on their own campuses.

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