Book cover of Cultivating Capstones: Designing High-Quality Culminating Experiences for Student Learning, edited by Caroline J. Ketcham, Anthony G. Weaver, and Jessie L. Moore
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ISBN: 9781642674170

January 2023

Kirkscey et al. (in press) Vale et al (2020) See chapter 5 (Lewis et al.)
Critical thinking Critical thinking
Written communication Communication – written
Oral communication Communication-verbal
Lifelong learning Lifelong learning
Independence Independence/self-confidence Self-directed learning
Career planning; preparation for graduate school; preparation for life after college Career orientation; professionalism Career/future goals
Creative thinking
Reflection Reflection
Inquiry and analysis
Ethical reasoning Ethical responsibility
Civic engagement / service learning
Student engagement
Coherent academic experience
Problem solving
Intercultural knowledge
Global learning
Alumni development
Leadership education
Quantitative literacy
Information literacy
Support networks
Integrative learning Integrative learning
Study skills
Institutional resources
Financial literacy
Interpersonal skills
Motivation / enthusiasm
Open-mindedness / tolerance
Personal and organisational management
Core competencies
Academic rigor