Book cover of "Online, Open, and Equitable Education: Lessons from Teaching and Learning during the Global Pandemic" Edited by Nancy Turner, Nick Baker, David J. Hornsby, Aline Germain-Rutherford, David Graham, and Brad Wuetherick

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The introductory chapter of “Online, Open and Equitable Education” explores the transformative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on higher education, focusing on the swift transition to online learning and its implications for educational equity and openness. The authors, Nick Baker, David J. Hornsby, and Nancy K. Turner, delve into how the crisis prompted a revaluation of teaching methods and the acceleration of digital transformation. The text highlights the shift from emergency remote teaching to more deliberate online educational practices that emphasize inclusivity, flexibility, and student-centered learning. Key themes include the challenge of maintaining quality education through adaptable pedagogies, the importance of building relationships in virtual settings, and the need for ongoing innovation to support diverse learner needs. The chapter sets the stage for a broader discussion on the future of equitable online education and the potential to sustain these innovations post-pandemic.

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