Book cover of "Online, Open, and Equitable Education: Lessons from Teaching and Learning during the Global Pandemic" Edited by Nancy Turner, Nick Baker, David J. Hornsby, Aline Germain-Rutherford, David Graham, and Brad Wuetherick

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This chapter, “What We Do Today Will Change What Happens Tomorrow: Learnings from University Teaching during COVID-19 for Post-Pandemic Times,” explores the rapid shift to emergency online teaching at a university due to COVID-19, reflecting on the profound impacts on educators’ roles and pedagogical practices. Through a mixed-methods study including surveys and interviews, the authors investigated the challenges and learning outcomes of faculty as they navigated this transition. Key findings emphasize the necessity of flexibility in instructional design, increased awareness of students’ needs, and a transformative shift in teaching approaches. The research highlights the importance of mental well-being for faculty, advocating for a trauma-informed, equity-centered approach in educational settings. Overall, the chapter calls for sustainable support systems and inclusive teaching practices that can adapt to future challenges, emphasizing the lasting impact of these changes on educational policies and practices.

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Discussion Questions

  • How did the emergency online teaching during the pandemic alter the traditional roles of educators as outlined in the study?
  • In what ways did the pandemic experience enhance the faculty’s understanding and implementation of flexible instructional design?
  • What are the implications of maintaining mental well-being for educators as discussed in the chapter?
  • How might the findings about trauma-informed and equity-centered approaches influence future educational strategies?
  • What are the challenges and benefits of integrating technology in teaching as revealed by the pandemic experience?
  • Considering the long-term impacts discussed, what changes do you foresee in the post-pandemic educational landscape?