Conference Hosted by the Center for Engaged Learning

June 11-12, 2017, at Elon University in Elon, North Carolina

Proposals due by 5:00 PM on November 30, 2016

The Center for Engaged Learning invites proposals for conference papers, panel presentations, posters, or roundtables related to research on integrating off-campus study with students’ broader university experiences.
Hundreds of thousands of students study off-campus for academic credit each year, and many universities identify these experiences as high-impact practices that augment on-campus global learning. Global learning through study abroad and off-campus domestic study fits into a larger context of students’ educational experiences, but questions remain about how global experiences affect and are affected by the students and educators who participate and by the curricula and other institutional factors related to these experiences. By conceptualizing study abroad and off-campus domestic study as global learning practices that are integral components of university education, practitioners and scholars can create higher-impact off-campus study.
Recognizing that institutions diverge in their approaches to study abroad and off-campus domestic study, the Center for Engaged Learning 2015-2017 research seminar on Integrating Global Learning with the University Experience: Higher-Impact Study Abroad and Off-Campus Domestic Study has fostered multi-institutional collaborations to facilitate research across institutions and approaches. Five multi-institutional teams representing 20 institutions have conducted research exploring key characteristics of high-quality global learning.  The Integrating Global Learning with the University Experience conference (June 11-12, 2017; Elon University) will feature research conducted through this multi-institutional seminar.
We invite other scholars to join our culminating conversation about these inquiry projects, to share their own research (including ongoing projects), or to facilitate conversation about the application of recent research. Conference presentation proposals should be related to research on one of the following:

  1. Students’ integration of study abroad and off-campus domestic study with other university global learning experiences
  2. Educators’ roles in students’ study abroad and off-campus domestic study
  3. Curricular and programmatic factors that integrate study abroad and off-campus domestic study with students’ other global learning experiences
  4. Institutional factors that integrate student learning from study abroad and off-campus domestic study

To submit a proposal, please submit the following information through the online submission form by 5 p.m. November 30, 2016:

  • Name, professional title, institutional affiliation, and contact information for all participants
  • Presentation title
  • 300-word abstract/proposal, connecting the proposed presentation to one of the conference themes (500-word abstract/proposal for panel presentations and roundtables)
  • Preferred Presentation Type
    • Poster (may include research in-progress)
    • Individual oral presentation (25 minutes with 5 minutes Q & A)
    • Panel Presentation (75 minutes, with at least 15 minutes for discussion)
    • Roundtable (75 minutes; please specify how the facilitators will foster conversation among roundtable attendees)

Submissions will be peer reviewed with notifications sent in January.

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