Cover of Understanding Writing Transfer
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ISBN: 9781620365854

January 2017 | Stylus Publishing

Discussion Questions

  • As Peter Felten’s chapter highlights, writing can intersect with multiple high-impact practices (HIPs) and facilitate reflection and integration. In what ways do curricular and co-curricular HIPs at your institution…
    • Offer students opportunities to practice writing for new contexts, audiences, and purposes?
    • Support students’ reflection about the knowledge and experiences they are transferring into and out of HIPs?
    • Use writing to prompt integration?
  • Thinking about a specific HIP on your campus…
    • What writing experiences have students typically encountered prior to that HIP? How might you help students make that prior writing knowledge visible – to both themselves and to faculty/staff involved with teaching/mentoring the HIP?
    • What writing knowledge and practice would better prepare students for the HIP? Where in the curriculum or co-curriculum could that needed prior knowledge be introduced and practiced, and how might it be reinforced during the HIP?