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June 2022

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July 2022

We reproduce three panoramic photographs from the book here, so that readers can view them at a larger size. Click on the photo to view at full size. Photos carry a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

Three images have been joined end-to-end to depict a light-skinned woman’s sequence of movements as she sits at a table and talks to young light-skinned people who are also seated at the table. Her hands in the first image are in front of her and held close together but not touching. Her hands in the second image are in motion with one on top of the other but not touching. In the third image, the tips of her fingers are touching.
1.10 Faculty and graduate teaching assistants in biology hold a meeting about teaching an introductory biology course at a doctoral institution.


A light-skinned man is shown from the back and is standing at the front of a classroom. He looks out upon many young people of varying gender and skin tone who are seated in individual desks. All of the young people are looking up and toward the front of the classroom.
1.11 Students participate in a hospitality management class at a doctoral institution.


From the left side of the image: a light-skinned man is holding a coffee cup and looking downward. A light-skinned young person is facing and writing on a whiteboard on the left wall. Another light-skinned young person is standing to the first person's right and watching the writing. In the back of the room, two light-skinned young people stand next to each other and write on another whiteboard. To their right two medium-skinned young people stand facing a whiteboard on the right wall of the room. One of the people is writing on the whiteboard while the other observes from behind, his right hand rubbing his head. To their right: three light-skinned people and a medium-skinned person are seated in front of a window and observe a light-skinned man as he faces and writes on a whiteboard placed on the wall at the front of the room.
3.08 Faculty and staff observe as a faculty member in geological and planetary science guides students in an earth sciences class at a doctoral institution.