Call for Applications for 2020-2022 CEL Scholar

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The Center for Engaged Learning (CEL) is pleased to invite applications from Elon faculty for the 2020-2022 Center for Engaged Learning Scholar.

During a two-year appointment, CEL Scholars will develop expertise in a specific aspect of engaged learning and will create resources on that topic to be shared through CEL’s web site and in other scholarly venues. The CEL Scholar position is an opportunity for an Elon faculty member to develop and deepen a professional development trajectory that includes scholarly activity on a high-impact practice or other engaged learning topic.

Applicants for the 2020-2022 CEL Scholar position are asked to select one of the following high-impact practices or other conditions that lead to meaningful learning experiences:

  • Work-integrated learning experiences (e.g., internships, co-ops);
  • Collaborative assignments and projects;
  • Signature work;
  • Models of assessment and feedback; or
  • Work-study (e.g., student employment).

It is possible to propose and pursue an engaged learning topic not listed above, but that topic must be discussed with and approved by the Center’s Director prior to submitting an application.*

Applicants are not required to have advanced knowledge of the Center-identified topic when they apply, but they should be committed to rigorously studying and developing expertise in the topic during the two-year position.

This focused exploration will allow CEL Scholars to contribute to the Center’s resources and publications (the Center’s web resources and blog posts are accessed by over 2,000 users/month from over 65 countries), as well as position themselves among national and international scholars of their topic and engaged learning. During the first summer and academic year, the CEL Scholar will be well positioned to:

  • Develop initial content for the Center’s online resource page on the Scholar’s topic;
  • Develop the Center’s annotated bibliography on the Scholar’s topic; and
  • Write CEL blog posts (2/month) related to the Scholar’s topic.

During the second summer and academic year, as Scholars develop expertise in their topic, they also will have opportunities to collaborate with the Center’s staff, and perhaps others, on writing for broader higher education and public audiences. We anticipate that the CEL Scholar will:

  • Author/co-author other CEL publications and resources (e.g., journal articles, videos, Inside Higher Ed [or similar] articles, etc.), as opportunities develop and in negotiation with CEL’s Director;
  • Collaborate on a CEL-sponsored reading group related to the Scholar’s topic; and
  • Continue to write CEL blog posts (2/month) related to the Scholar’s topic.

As a result, the Scholar position fosters a faculty member’s scholarship on an engaged learning topic while contributing to the Center’s resources, which reach an international audience.

Scholars will receive 1 course reassignment/year and a summer stipend equivalent to FRD’s summer fellowship for each of two consecutive summers to support focused work on the CEL Scholar’s topic, as well as a $3000/year draw account to be spent on CEL-related professional expenses and activities. Since the summer stipend is intended to support significant summer study on the CEL Scholar’s topic, the Scholar’s summer activity may not exceed two units of work (e.g., serve as a CEL Scholar and mentor one SURE student).

This CEL Scholar will begin in June 2020 and serve through May 2022. A new CEL Scholar is named each year, resulting in two rotating CEL Scholar positions. Applicants must be permanent, full-time teaching faculty at Elon.

The CEL Scholar will meet regularly throughout the year with the Center’s staff to discuss the Scholar’s ongoing work and to explore opportunities to deepen and extend that work.

To apply, send a letter of application, identifying the topic on which you wish to focus and examining how the CEL Scholar position fits with your professional development plan, and a current CV to Applications must be received by November 1, 2019, to receive full consideration. Applications will be reviewed by the Center’s staff and a small committee of faculty who have participated in the Center’s initiatives. The primary criteria for proposal review will be the fit of the two-year project within the faculty member’s professional trajectory, along with the committee’s judgment about the capacity of the applicant to meet the scholarly and productive needs of the Center.

Please direct questions about this position to Jessie Moore, Director of CEL (; 278-5649).

* The topics listed represent current, identifiable gaps in international research on engaged learning and often coincide with Elon-based initiatives for engaged learning practices; proposals for other possible topics should demonstrate a similar need for focused exploration.