Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research Cover
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ISBN: 978-0-941933-00-1

2018 | Council on Undergraduate Research

Discussion Questions

  • In this multi-institutional study, the authors investigated students’ perceptions of their mentored UR experiences. What elements were significant in students’ perceptions of their research experiences? What were the areas of perceived changes in their personal and professional identity orientation? Do you think the findings would be similar for students at your institution? Why or why not?
  • Do students engaged in UR at your institution have constellations of mentoring supports? What are the benefits and challenges of these mentoring relationships, and what is the role of the faculty mentor vis-à-vis others who offer mentoring support? How might this influence definitions of mentoring?
  • As a faculty mentor, how do you support students’ identity development? What pathways of support are most important for students in each of the identity domains?