60-Second SoTL – Episode 18

This week’s episode features an open-access article from the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management and examines the perceptions and experiences of students with disabilities regarding work-integrated learning placements:

Dollinger, Mollie, Rachel Finneran, and Rola Ajjawi. 2022. “Exploring the Experiences of Students with Disabilities in Work-Integrated Learning.” Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management. https://doi.org/10.1080/1360080X.2022.2129317

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The episode was hosted by Jessie L. Moore, Director of the Center for Engaged Learning and Professor of Professional Writing & Rhetoric. 60-Second SoTL is produced by the Center for Engaged Learning at Elon University.

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Work-Integrated Learning

Definition Work-integrated learning (WIL) is an approach to education that allows students to obtain work experiences related to what they are learning in a classroom setting (International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, n.d; Jackson 2016). Ferns, Campbell, and Zegwaard (2014) describe…

Picture of Elon student dancers with the following text overlayed: "Fire (2) Toolkit: Facilitating Integration and Reflection of the Elon Experiences." The bottom of the image features the logo for Elon University and the Center for Engaged Learning.

Facilitating Integration of and Reflection on Engaged and Experiential Learning

Since 2019, I’ve been working with my colleague Paul Miller to create an institutional toolkit for fostering both students’ self-reflection and their mentoring conversations with peers, staff, and faculty in order to deepen students’ educational experiences. Our institution, Elon University,…

A diagram titled "Factors for Faculty Engagement with Work-Integrated Learning." The diagram has a box in the center containing the following text: "Faculty Engagement." Surrounding this box are four bubbles with arrows pointing from each bubble to the box. The bottom-left bubble is titled "Personal," and the bulleted list below the title says "Identity," then "Values". The bottom-right bubble is titled "Professional," and the bulleted list below the title says "Status/rank," then "Work history." The top-right bubble is titled "Institutional," and the bulleted list below the title says "Mission/values," then "Budget," then "Policies." In addition to pointing at the box in the center of the diagram, this bubble also has an arrow pointing to the top-left bubble, which is titled "Communal." The bulleted list below the title says "Department support," then "Professional community support."

Tipping the Cost-Benefit Analysis to Support Faculty Engagement in Work-Integrated Learning

When faculty consider the many ways in which they can be involved in student learning opportunities, there are a myriad of factors that affect the choices they make about how and where to engage. Work-integrated learning (WIL), which includes activities…

A stack of books, with text: "Systematic literature review is more than just a research tool; it's a mindset, a rigorous approach that demands thoroughness, critical thinking, and an openness to new ideas."

Embracing Systematic Literature Reviews in Education Research: A Path to Rigorous Discovery

In the ever-evolving landscape of education research, the approach we take toward investigating new domains can significantly influence the outcomes and insights we garner. One such approach, which we firmly advocate for, is the systematic literature review (SLR). This method…

Backdrop of Sorrento, Italy with picture of and quote by Gianna Smurro.

A Global Perspective: Interning While Studying Abroad 

In my previous blog post, “Interning Abroad: Work-Integrated Learning in a Global Context,” I discussed the positive impact of having an internship while studying abroad as an undergraduate student. In this post, I would like to delve deeper into my…

A young, dark-skinned man sits at a table across from a light-skinned man.

Identifying Factors that Influence WIL Participants

I recently wrote a blog post highlighting the three subtopics that play a role in the overall success of a participant in an internship. In this post, I concentrated on three crucial subtopics: the type of institution, enrollment status, and…

Interning Abroad: Work-Integrated Learning in a Global Context

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) focuses on integrating students’ course-based learning with real-world practical situations and experiences. Internships are a specific example of WIL that allow students to apply their academic studies to relevant experiences at companies, organizations, and nonprofits, small or…