Limed: Teaching with a Twist – Episode 12

In this episode of Limed: Teaching with a Twist, intern Jeremiah Timberlake checks in with Katherine Fox from Season 1, Episode 6, “Course Construction: Bridging the Academy.” Jeremiah and Katherine talk about the current stage of her work developing a new course that cultivates creativity, building connections in a new community, and where to focus her initial efforts.

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This episode was hosted and edited by Jeremiah Timberlake and produced by Matt Wittstein in collaboration with the Center for Engaged Learning.

About the Guest

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Katherine Fox is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR, where she teaches for the Sociology & Anthropology, Healthcare Administration, and Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies programs.  Prior to moving to Oregon, she taught anthropology and global health classes at Texas Christian University and Baylor University.  Her research explores the cultural and social influences on health decision-making, as well as the ways that gender, ethnicity, and immigration intersect with health behavior.  Her most recent work includes help-seeking among LGBTQ+ asylum seekers, COVID-19 health decision-making, and a community health assessment for local public health entities in Oregon.  Because so much of her own work is interdisciplinary, she uses her classes to cultivate students’ analytical and communication skills in ways that are applicable in a variety of settings.

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Course Construction: Bridging the Academy

Limed: Teaching with a Twist – Episode 6 Dr. Katherine Fox is a medical anthropologist from Southern Oregon University. As her university is adopting a new general education requirement, she is working on developing a new course that centers creativity…

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