Two people work at a table. One person is in the background, typing on a laptop, while another in the foreground appears to be talking and gesturing with their hands. A third laptop is visible almost out of frame. An overlay reads, "Opportunities to Make Group Work Authentic."

Opportunities to Make Group Work Authentic

Limed: Teaching with a Twist – Episode 5 Derek O’Leary from Virginia Commonwealth University teaches advertising, a field known to require collaboration and cooperation with diverse teams, often remotely. David Buck, Gianna Smurro, and our producer Dhvani Toprani consider how…

A group of three students sit around a table, working on laptops. A quote is overlaid: "Is there a way to conduct peer assessment that is valid and perceived as fair?"

I’ve got it! What if they grade each other?

In previous posts, I’ve discussed how collaborative assignments pose a challenge for valid assessment because the resulting product typically reflects pooled ability and effort (for a good review, see Webb et al. 1998). One way instructors have attempted to overcome…

Students gather around a table to collaborate

Is There Value in Summative Peer Assessment?

A challenge of psychological research is that we are often trying to measure things that don’t have physical form, such as intelligence or anxiety. These abstract constructs are meaningful and useful variables, but you can’t measure out 10 grams of…

Photo of hand holding a camera lens in front of a view of mountains and lake. With text overlaid: "Of all the variables on the list, I would argue that the most important one for instructors and researchers is the objective."

A Typology of Peer Assessment

One of the hallmarks of many group projects is the incorporation of peer assessment into the project grade. This strategy is often used to try to reduce the potential for inequity when individual members of groups share a common grade….

Group of three students work together around a computer. A quote is overlaid: "If the rationale behind assigning a collaborative project is that you want to take advantage of the potential learning benefits associated with cooperative learning, then the assignment is to some extent a means, not an end."

The Problem with Assessing Groups

One of the challenges an instructor faces when developing any collaborative project is how to assess learning. When multiple students work together to create some product, it’s not necessarily the case that the final product reflects the learning of all…

Collaboration and Memory

When Does Collaboration Hurt Memory?

Take six people and give them all a list of words to commit to memory individually. Next, have three of those people work as a group to recall as many words as they can. Have the other three people try…

Do Cohesive Groups Matter?

In previous posts (here and here), I’ve been writing about the different ways that groups can be created for class projects, and whether the method of group assignment has an impact on learning. In this post, I want to focus on one…