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ISBN: 9781642670578

March 2020

Like their students, faculty are also global learners. As such, scholars need to investigate the impact of teaching in disorienting settings on faculty and that colleges and universities need to provide professional development in pedagogy appropriate to these contexts and to facilitate opportunities for faculty to reflect on and process the experiences.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do campuses articulate the relationship between support for faculty global learning and support for student global learning, and what is the evidence of this support?
  2. How might institutions include faculty perspectives in planning and operationalizing new programs, policies, and initiatives related to study abroad/study away?
  3. In the absence of optimum institutional investments in professional development, what strategies and steps might faculty leaders of study abroad/study away take to advance their own professional development?
  4. What new frontiers for faculty development in study abroad/study away should institutions consider in a changing higher education landscape? Why?