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ISBN: 9781642670578

March 2020

To define global engagement requires “intentional integration of three critical foundational domains: learning/knowledge, skills/behaviors, and attitudes/dispositions.” Under this definition, global engagement occurs in both international and domestic contexts as students have mentored off- and on-campus experiences.

Discussion Questions

  1. Consider the definition of global engagement proposed in this chapter, in which there is intentional integration of three intersecting domains: learning/knowledge; attitudes/dispositions; and skills/behaviors.
    • What are the possible points of convergence across domains?
    • Is the sequencing of these domains significant for students’ developing global engagement?
    • Does greater integration across domains deepen engagement?
    • Is any one domain particularly important?
  1. What might be the impact, if any, of multiple high-impact global engagement experiences on student learning and development?
  2. At your institution, what are the mechanisms to facilitate the transfer of student development across global experiences? What, if any, programs or institutional supports could facilitate students’ internalization of global learning once they return to the home campus?
  3. How would this operational definition of global engagement inform scholarship within and across disciplinary lenses? How do disciplinary frameworks and constructs inform the scholarship of global engagement?