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ISBN: 9781642670578

March 2020

Learners don’t have to cross geopolitical borders to be global learners, which is good news for students whose degree plans, life factors, or finances preclude international travel. This chapter explores some of the types of global learning possible without even leaving the town, offering results that suggest that quality domestic off-campus study CAN produce change towards intercultural competency.

Discussion Questions

  1. In some ways, study abroad is easier, as students have made a choice to be fully away, while DOCS can involve micro-experiences. What techniques might encourage students to be fully present and engaged with difference during off-campus experiences? How can instructors model this presence?
  2. Encouraging reflection on difference can be a challenge when the setting is, on some level, familiar to students. How might an instructor incentivize students to notice differences that exist in a productive way?
  3. This chapter discusses learning from other high-impact pedagogies. How might students encounter difference in undergraduate research, internships, or leadership experiences?
  4. One of the biggest challenges for DOCS of any sort is logistics, as students become frustrated that the world of the community does not match the highly structured and predictable world of the classroom. What steps could an instructor take before, during, and after the DOCS experience to minimize these challenges?