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ISBN: 9781642670578

March 2020

This chapter presents three short scales assessing civic engagement, intercultural knowledge and intercultural competence, all based on AAC&U VALUE rubrics.  These scales, which are free to access and use, are suitable for assessing a variety of global learning contexts.

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Appendices 12A-12F [PDF]

Discussion Questions

  1. Evaluate the model(s) your college/university/department uses to determine that your graduates are prepared for a global society. Think about the programs that are in place, the outcomes/goals of the programs, and how the program outcomes/goals are assessed. What areas are you doing well and what areas need to be improved?
  2. Discuss the extent to which the Cognitive Domain or the Affective Domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy is effective for assessment considering global learning, civic engagement, or intercultural knowledge and competence in your program/class?
  3. Identify and discuss other components of global competency development that you think are important but not clearly identified based on the 18 components from the Global Learning, Intercultural Knowledge and Competence, and Civic Engagement VALUE Rubrics.