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ISBN: 9781642670578

March 2020

A Global Learning Ecosystem comprises administrative, curricular, and co-curricular efforts within a college or university. Internationalization, including enrolling international students who join in creating global learning for themselves and for students who do not leave campus, is a useful way of considering global learning. Faculty and staff development and attention to programming across the ecosystem can enhance global learning both on and off campus.

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the utility of a “global learning ecosystem?”
  2. Does or should global learning integrate into a university’s diversity development plans? Why?
  3. How might a focus on student learning outcomes and global learning strengthen the mission and goals of international education on a campus?
  4. How might integrating global learning into the mission of an institution better connect multiple constituents?
  5. The authors provide several examples of institutions that have successfully adopted global learning and assessment as the primary model for meeting internationalization goals. What conditions are necessary to make global learning an integral part of an institution?