60-Second SoTL – Episode 45

This week’s episode shares an open-access article from New Directions in Teaching and Learning and examines how U.S.-based colleges and universities support mentoring of undergraduate research in global contexts:

Cruz, Laura, Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Eric E. Hall, Amy L. Allocco, Kate Patch, Jennifer Hamel, and Jacqueline McLaughlin. 2023. “Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Global Contexts (MUR-CG): An Integrated Model.” New Directions for Teaching and Learning 2023: 29-39. https://doi.org/10.1002/tl.20556

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This episode was hosted by Jessie L. Moore, Director of the Center for Engaged Learning and Professor of Professional Writing & Rhetoric. 60-Second SoTL is produced by the Center for Engaged Learning at Elon University.

Learn More about the Salient Practices of Undergraduate Research Mentors

Salient Practices

Following an extensive review of the literature on mentoring undergraduate research, ten salient practices emerged which support effective mentoring of undergraduate researchers. These practices can be used to develop a mentoring pedagogy of high quality.

Learn More about Mentoring

Three people sit at a table, talking while looking over documents by a computer. An overlay reads, "Elon University Center for Engaged Learning. Mentoring Matters. Defining Mentoring Relationships."

Defining Mentoring and/as Mentoring Relationships

If mentoring matters, what is meant by mentoring, and what does high-quality mentoring entail? Despite over four decades of research on mentoring, there is no universally accepted definition (Mullen and Klimaitis 2021). Ubiquitous use of the term has not only…

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Meaningful Undergraduate Experiences and How They Matter Now

The Center for Engaged Learning periodically conducts surveys on students’ experiences in higher education and their application to students’ post-graduation lives. Our latest iteration surveyed 956 U.S. residents who were 18-34 years old and graduates of two- or four-year higher…

A Monarch butterfly rests on a purple flower. Text overlay reads, "Commencing as an egg, progressing through stages of a larva, pupa, and finally hatching as a butterfly, their journey parallels the transformative process I underwent as a mentor."

Fluttering into Change: A Journey of Metamorphosis through Mentorship

The life cycle of a butterfly, spanning from 30 to 200 days, often passes unnoticed by many, who focus solely on the standout moments within that time frame. While three or four memories stand out, for butterflies, each day is…

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Cultivating Vulnerability in Mentoring Relationships

Recently, I co-facilitated an undergraduate workshop about intentionally building connections with supportive faculty, staff, and peer mentors. In alignment with principles from relational mentoring, we collectively acknowledged that embracing some personal vulnerability was crucial for building meaningful interpersonal connections (Johnson…

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Relationship-Rich Education at Scale, aka the Too Many Bodies Problem

Decades of research demonstrates that student learning and well-being in higher education are enhanced by positive relationships with peers and instructors (Felten and Lambert 2020). Yet, one common challenge with relationship-rich education is scale. How is this possible when I’m…

Picture of Elon student dancers with the following text overlayed: "Fire (2) Toolkit: Facilitating Integration and Reflection of the Elon Experiences." The bottom of the image features the logo for Elon University and the Center for Engaged Learning.

Facilitating Integration of and Reflection on Engaged and Experiential Learning

Since 2019, I’ve been working with my colleague Paul Miller to create an institutional toolkit for fostering both students’ self-reflection and their mentoring conversations with peers, staff, and faculty in order to deepen students’ educational experiences. Our institution, Elon University,…