60-Second SoTL – Episode 45

This week’s episode shares an open-access article from New Directions in Teaching and Learning and examines how U.S.-based colleges and universities support mentoring of undergraduate research in global contexts:

Cruz, Laura, Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Eric E. Hall, Amy L. Allocco, Kate Patch, Jennifer Hamel, and Jacqueline McLaughlin. 2023. “Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Global Contexts (MUR-CG): An Integrated Model.” New Directions for Teaching and Learning 2023: 29-39. https://doi.org/10.1002/tl.20556

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This episode was hosted by Jessie L. Moore, Director of the Center for Engaged Learning and Professor of Professional Writing & Rhetoric. 60-Second SoTL is produced by the Center for Engaged Learning at Elon University.

Learn More about the Salient Practices of Undergraduate Research Mentors

Salient Practices

Following an extensive review of the literature on mentoring undergraduate research, ten salient practices emerged which support effective mentoring of undergraduate researchers. These practices can be used to develop a mentoring pedagogy of high quality.

Learn More about Mentoring

A professor and two students conduct research in a biology lab.

The Importance of Raising Student Awareness of Mentored Academic Opportunities, Financial Awards, and Scholarships

Many universities offer countless student success resources and academic opportunities, but they may not be well-known to students. Certainly, efforts to raise student awareness and involvement in academic offerings exist, but research shows most universities do not advertise academic opportunities…

Three students sit outside on Elon's campus having a lively conversation.

The Power of Peer Mentorship for Entering Freshmen Undergraduates

In the nuanced progression of academia, the senior year of high school often sees students basking in the aura of impending graduation—confident top dogs, gazing down at the bewildered freshmen making the leap from middle school to high school. The…

Two women sit together at a table, deep in conversation. Text overlay reads, “Deeper life interactions have a strong potential to positively influence students, and mentoring relationships are an opportunistic space to weave in these interactions.”

Mentoring Relationships That Go “Beneath the Surface”

Over the past few decades, numerous scholars have conducted research on mentoring relationships in college (Crisp and Cruz 2009; Jacobi 1991). Although much has been explored and written about mentoring undergraduates, Vandermaas-Peeler and Moore (2022) recently articulated a summative and…

Two dark-skinned women sit in chairs facing each other. Each works over a laptop that rests on a small table between them. Text overlay reads "Research emphasizes the importance of improving mentees’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors around building mentoring constellations.”

Strategies to Improve Mentees’ Ability to Build Their Own Mentoring Constellations

Successful students often attend class, get to know professors, ask for help, and utilize campus resources, among other adaptive strategies. Many of these strategies for success center on building meaningful interpersonal connections with peers, faculty, and staff, which may evolve…

Two men sit at a table together while one speaks and gestures with his hands. Text overlay reads, “Establishing precise definitions for each guidance method is paramount, enabling customized and effective mentorship relationships that benefit both the mentee and the mentor.”

The Big M.A.C of Academic Mentorship  

In the realm of crafting my culinary-inspired blog posts, a pattern seems to have emerged, one that I’ve unconsciously adhered to. So, if the title of this particular blog post conjured thoughts of the iconic Big Mac from McDonald’s, I…

Two women (one older and one younger) look together at an open laptop. Text overlay reads, "Equalizing status within mentoring relationships fosters environments for collaboration, but the possibility for creating this dynamic involves concerted efforts from both mentors and mentees, as it involves developing mutual respect and mutual responsibility."

Equalizing Status in Mentoring Relationships Fosters Collaboration

Recently, I mentored three undergraduate research students who graduated and went on to pursue graduate degrees and professional work. Through our mentoring relationships, which deepened over several years and involved navigating numerous unexpected challenges throughout the pandemic, I strove to…