60-Second SoTL – Episode 7

This week’s episode features a recent article from the open-access International Journal for Students as Partners and explores how a group mentorship scheme with students, alumni, and staff supports student learning in a distance education experience:

Foss, Anna M, Sophia Kohler, Sumedh Kulkarni, Natalina Sutton, Mary-Ann Schreiner, Nicolò Saverio Centemero, Grace Mambula, Diederik Lohman, Sarah C Smith, and Rebecca French. 2022. “Triadic Partnerships: Evaluation of a Group Mentorship Scheme.” International Journal for Students As Partners 6 (1): 199-211. https://doi.org/10.15173/ijsap.v6i1.4858.

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two students sit in front of a computer screen. One of them points at the computer while the other looks at it. "When it comes to supporting mentoring relationships, one-size initiatives don't fit all relationships"

Mentoring for Learner Success: Multiple Pathways to Mentoring Relationships 

Mentoring relationships develop in relationship-rich environments (Vandermaas-Peeler and Moore 2022). In higher education contexts, they might evolve from other meaningful relationships like teaching, advising, supervising, and coaching, but they require time to become more reciprocal and mutually beneficial (Mullen and…

Light-skinned male student works on his laptop while drinking his iced coffee "Mentoring Undergraduate Internships When You're New to the Game"

Faculty Mentors Start Here! Part 2: Diving Deeper on Setting Up Internships for Success

Welcome back internship mentors! Last time we looked at the initial startup process for internships. Now, I’ll look further into great internship course assignments, your work to setup the student and the site for success, and resources that helped me…

A woman sits at a table with her hands poised on a laptop keyboard. Another woman looks over her shoulder and points towards the laptop with a pencil.

Outcomes of Supervisor and Mentor Support in Internships

60-Second SoTL – Episode 10 This week’s episode features a recent article from the open access International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning and explores how supervisor and mentor support shape students’ outcomes in internship experiences: Ali, Abdifatah A., Philip Gardner, and Brandy Edmondson….

a young person wearing scrubs stands with an older woman in a lab coat pointing to a medical device. Text reads "There is a lot to consider as you embark on your journey as an internship mentor! "

Faculty Mentors Start Here! Mentoring Undergraduate Internships When You’re New to the Game

Part 1: Initial Set-Up Considerations When I was a new faculty member in 2015, I came out of the gate eager to facilitate internships for my students. Because of my background in clinical psychology, in which practical experiences are essential…

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  • Cook-Sather, Alison, and Sophia Abbot. 2016. “Translating Partnerships: How Faculty-Student Collaboration in Explorations of Teaching and Learning Can Transform Perceptions, Terms, and Selves.” Teaching and Learning Inquiry 4 (2): 36-49. https://doi.org/10.20343/teachlearninqu.4.2.5 [Open Access]
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Laptop with image of seven people who appear to come from different identity groups

Institutional Diversity Messaging in Higher Education

60-Second SoTL – Episode 4 This week’s episode features an open-access article from Teaching and Learning Inquiry on institutional messaging about diversity, inclusion, and equity in higher education. The featured project offers a great example of student-as-partners in scholarship of teaching and…

A large atrium with many windows, filled with students. A male student sits in the foreground, he wears an Elon sweatshirt and is looking down at a laptop."Creating interactive, inclusive content to engage students as they scroll through media feeds is vital to engage students and facilitate social connections."

Using Social Media to Support Student Peer Relationships

As academics from a large, modern UK university (Claire) and a medium-sized public US university (Mimi), we have been working with the Center for Engaged Learning as attendees in the (Re)Examining Meaningful Learning Experiences research seminar series for the last…

"The collaborative nature of the seminar invited us to engaged with each other as learners on common ground."

Through the Eyes of a Student: Forming an Effective and Meaningful Partnership

As the initial undergraduate Student Scholar cohorts working with the Center for Engaged Learning, we are often asked what our roles entail.  Both in the context of the research itself, as well as in our partnerships, this collaborative leadership team…

Two male students smile at the camera, with headline "Examining peer mentoring"

Peer Mentoring for Belonging, Inclusion, and Student Development

Over the summer, I was reintroduced to the literature surrounding peer mentoring as a result of being a co-leader for the Center for Engaged Learning Research Seminar – (Re)Examining Conditions for Meaningful Learning Experiences. My lens through which I often…