As undergraduate CEL Student Scholars working with the Center for Engaged Learning, we often are asked what our roles entail. Both in the context of the research itself, as well as in our partnerships, this collaborative leadership team was developed to bring student voices to the center of the research seminars. Earlier cohorts discussed Forming an Effective and Meaningful Partnership and Expertise We Bring, and we’re providing an updated response here. 

The CEL Student Scholar program is a cohorted experience. While each research seminar works with only two or three of us, all the CEL Student Scholars meet weekly during the summer to discuss partnership and to collaborate on strategies for our partnerships with seminar participants/teams. 

We applied for our CEL Student Scholar positions in the spring of our first or second year, and since accepting the position, we’ve read background scholarship on our seminar topics (e.g., work-integrated learning, mentoring, engaged learning for neurodivergent students). But our scholarly preparation is not the only perspective we contribute to the research seminars. 

The expertise that we (collectively) bring to the seminar and seminar participants in these partnerships includes (but is not limited to)… 

  • Various high school experiences: charter, public 
  • Attendance at a private liberal arts college and a community college: online, hybrid, and in person 
  • Various majors and minors: psychology, exercise science, Spanish, communications, linguistics, creative writing, neuroscience, human service studies, elementary education, environmental education 
  • Past experiences with partnership: research mentorship, student advisory board  
  • Work experiences: preschool internship, grocery store, waitress, after-school education program, dog-sitting, on-campus student jobs (Registrar, Moseley Front Desk, Summer Facilities Assistant, Student Philanthropy Representative), elementary teaching services  
  • Community service and activism: tutoring in local community, new student orientation, religious-oriented community service, protesting, student coordinator for Alamance Girls in Motion, elementary garden club, forest cleanup 
  • Participation in student organizations and fellows/scholars programs: living learning communities (creative art), Greek life, Phoenix Leaders, University Innovation Fellows, Odyssey Program, EFFECT feminist, Elon College Fellows, Intersect Conference, Phoenix Mentorship Program, Phoenix Free, Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society, Psi Chi, Sigma Delta Pi  
  • Global engagement: Study abroad experience (Language, culture, and ecotourism in Costa Rica – 3 weeks; semester in Sorrento, Italy; Communications in Florida – 3 weeks; semester in Florence, Italy); Planned experiences in: Ghana (3 weeks, Spring semester), Ireland (3 week), Denmark(spring semester), Australia (fall semester), Peru (3 week) 
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French 
  • Geographic Location / “Home”: North Carolina, California, Illinois, Massachusetts  
  • Identities: Immigrant, LGBTQIA, agender, first gen, Catholic, Jewish, Christian, women, man 
  • Research experiences/ presentations: Board meeting – Burlington, NC, Spoken on Limed Podcast- Teaching with a Twist 2022 & 2023, ISSOTL 2024 presentation, 4999 Independent Research, Elon University Center for Engaged Learning Blog Posts,  

In addition to bringing these areas of expertise to our partnerships, as undergraduate students immersed in an educational context, we are in a learning mindset. Therefore we are eager and ready to learn in collaboration with our seminar partners. 

Annelise Weaver is a 2022-2025 CEL Student Scholars. Azul Bellot and Tiffanie Grant are the 2023-2026 CEL Student Scholars. Kira Campagna, Ben Krasnow, and Kaz Kelly are the 2024-2027 CEL Student Scholars. The Student Scholars are collaborating with participants the 2022-2024 research seminar on Work-Integrated Learning, the 2023-2025 research seminar on Mentoring Meaningful Learning Experiences, and the 2024-2026 research seminar on Affirming and Inclusive Engaged Learning for Neurodivergent Students. Learn more about the current student scholars. 

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