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ISBN: 9781642671179

April 25, 2023

Chapter 3 explores relationships as a cornerstone to engaged learning. Examples illustrate how to facilitate meaningful relationships—some of which may evolve into mentoring relationships—in and beyond the classroom. 

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Discussion Questions

  • What strategies from the chapter could you employ or adapt to facilitate relationships in your context? 
  • What types of support do you feel comfortable offering students yourself, and what types of support would you rather address by helping students build relationships with others? How might you connect students with others that could address those needs? 
  • Relationship-rich campuses have supportive campus climates that foster meaningful relationships (e.g., supervisor, teacher, advisor, coach, etc.), some of which develop into mentoring relationships. Who are the students (or groups of students) with whom you have meaningful relationships, and who are the students with whom you have mentoring relationships? What characteristics of these relationships and your interactions with these students distinguish the two groups?