As you think about developing or extending pedagogical partnership work in your context, what approaches can you imagine all participants taking to assessing the partnership work as it unfolds, and why would you use those particular approaches?

  • How will student and faculty partners regularly assess their partnership work?
  • How will student partners make the most of weekly meetings with other student partners and the program director, and how will faculty partners make the most of weekly meetings with their student partners?
  • Why will student and faculty partners want to keep a record of their reflections?
  • What questions might facilitate reflection from student and faculty partners on the shared work of pedagogical partnership?
  • What role can program directors play in student and faculty partner reflections on their work? How can they make time and space for their own reflections?    

What approaches might you take to assessing the process and outcomes of partnership work at the individual, programmatic, and institutional levels?

  • What might you ask regarding the way pedagogical partnership is unfolding?
  • What more formal structures might you create for assessing outcomes?
  • When might informal assessment inform more formal review processes?