Book cover for Writing Beyond the University: Preparing Lifelong Learners for Lifewide Writing. Edited by Julia Bleakney, Jessie L. Moore, and Paula Rosinski.
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October 3, 2022

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November 2022

In chapter 4, “‘There Is a Lot of Overlap’: Tracing Writing Development across Spheres of Writing”, the authors discuss surveys and interviews completed at the following institutions.

Institution Type Number of Students Distinguishing Features of the Institution Writing Curricula & Resources
Allegheny College Small Liberal Arts 1,500 Award-winning focus on undergraduate research


Scaffolded writing-and-speaking-intensive program includes two Communication Across the Curriculum first-year seminars, one Communication in the Disciplines sophomore seminar, one junior seminar in the major, and a comprehensive senior project. The

Director of Writing provides faculty support and supervises the undergraduate writing consultant staff.


Duquesne University Private 9,000 Top-ranked Catholic university; Emphasis on Health Sciences Two-term first-year composition (FYC) sequence required of all students; honors students satisfy the requirement in a separate course. Three additional upper-level writing intensive courses are required as well.

The writing center is staffed by undergraduate and graduate student tutors, as well as a Community Writing Center located in the adjacent historically-Black Hill District neighborhood.


Florida State University Public Research 44,000 Top twenty in US News and World Report Scaffolded curriculum requires students to meet a one-course FYC requirement (on campus or off) and complete three other writing requirements on campus: a sophomore writing course; two other general education writing-intensive classes; and an upper-division writing-intensive class. Campus writing support also includes several writing centers and two digital studios.


Georgia State University Public Research 54,000 Diverse student body and commitment to undergraduate teaching Two-term first-year composition (FYC) sequence required of all students; honors students satisfy the requirement in a separate course. One upper-division “Critical Thinking through Writing” course is required for graduation. Many faculty incorporate writing into their disciplinary courses. The Writing Across the Curriculum program supports faculty in writing-intensive instruction through workshops and grants, and the Writing Studio offers support to students through peer tutoring.


Sohar University Teaching and Research 6,500 First private university in Oman


Three tiered writing curricular domains: the first is General English Language, a part of the General Foundation Program that acts as a prerequisite for college-level writing and focuses on English for General Purposes (EGP); the second domain includes two university writing courses addressing English for Specific Purposes (ESP) required for students in undergraduate programs in disciplines other than English Studies; in the third domain, students majoring in English Studies complete their writing education through the multiple courses constituting the major.


University of Limerick Teaching and Research


16,500 Commitment to cooperative education


Writing courses not mandated, but many faculty incorporate writing in their programs. The Regional Writing Centre provides student support through peer tutoring, workshops, and online resources and faculty support for integrating writing into their disciplines.