Book cover for Writing Beyond the University: Preparing Lifelong Learners for Lifewide Writing. Edited by Julia Bleakney, Jessie L. Moore, and Paula Rosinski.
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October 3, 2022

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November 2022

Asking students who have completed first-year writing about the contexts in which they write (including classrooms, workplaces, cocurriculars, and internships) and their understandings of relationships between and across these contexts, the research team examines the complex relationships between and among these different contexts, what the authors call “recursivities.”

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Discussion Questions

  1. What might you learn about your students’ complex writing lives by asking them about the various contexts in which they write and inviting them to explore the connections between those various contexts?
  2. What kind of course assignments would invite time for students to reflect on these recursitivies among their different writing contexts and experiences?
  3. How might your assignments change based on what you learn about the relationships students perceive among their various writing contexts?