Book cover for Writing Beyond the University: Preparing Lifelong Learners for Lifewide Writing. Edited by Julia Bleakney, Jessie L. Moore, and Paula Rosinski.
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October 3, 2022

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November 2022

While they interviewed over fifty participants, these authors explore in this chapter in detail the experiences of two US-based workplace writers as they grapple with new kinds of writing and learn on the job. The experiences of these two illustrative cases highlight that professionals who are not hired as “writers” often regularly write, and struggle to write with authority, for their jobs.

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Discussion Questions

  1. How might students explore their potential workplace professions, to determine how much writing and learning to write on the job might be involved?
  2. What kinds of writing activities might you design that prompt students to think through the power dynamics of learning to write in the workplace, even if they don’t plan on becoming professional writers?
  3. How might you highlight for students the transferability of certain writing strategies or practices for workplace contexts?