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ISBN: 9781642672534

January 2023

When planning an LLC curriculum, the following questions can guide the process:

  • What academic experiences could you integrate with your LLC? Will the students receive academic credit? How do these academic experiences fit into the students’ plans of study?
  • Are there features of the residence hall itself (e.g., dining facilities, large gathering spaces, computer labs) that can be assets to the learning experience that would not be possible in other locations? How can you make the most of these features?
  • As a faculty member, how are you integrating out-of-class learning experiences with your classroom teaching?
  • What opportunities are you giving your students to reflect on how classroom and out-of-class learning combine to give them deeper understanding?
  • As a faculty member, how are you taking advantage of your LLC partners (e.g., residential life staff) to enhance learning and the student experience?
  • Residential life staff: Do you use a residential curriculum with your residential students? If yes, does it directly integrate with the LLC? Are you able to adjust the residential curriculum to support the LLC goals? If you do not have a residential curriculum, in what ways can you help support the LLC goals within the residential environment?
  • Will there be special course registration concerns related to signing your LLC students up for specific associated courses? Are there ways to work with your registrar and academic advisors to make this process easier for all?