Book cover for The Faculty Factor: Developing Faculty Engagement with Living Learning Communities
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ISBN: 9781642672534

January 2023

With vignette “If It Were Easy, It Wouldn’t Be Meaningful” by Jennifer E. Eidum

Although this chapter tells the story of designing and implementing a university-wide Residential Campus Initiative at Elon University, it also provides suggestions for faculty, administrators, and student affairs professionals looking to expand existing LLC programs or design new LLC initiatives. Specifically, the authors offer suggestions for how faculty can provide leadership (through collaborative partnerships with student affairs staff and administrators) to assist their campuses in developing their own distinctive mix of residential experiences and programs led by a layered cadre of talented faculty and staff working strategically to engage students to develop socially, intellectually, and interpersonally.

Discussion Questions

  • How are faculty and staff involved in your university’s vision for living and learning?
  • How might faculty and staff contribute to experiences that are both connected and relationship-driven that develop and assist students’ sense of belonging on your campus?
  • How might faculty and staff be involved in maintaining and sustaining a residential campus?