Book cover for The Faculty Factor: Developing Faculty Engagement with Living Learning Communities
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ISBN: 9781642672534

January 2023

With vignette “Saying ‘Yes’” by Tim Baird

This chapter describes the many ways institutions can incentivize sustained faculty involvement in LLCs, ranging from budgetary resources (such as stipends and dining credits) to professional support (such as working with Deans, support for promotion and tenure, etc.). The authors provide personal reflections and practical insights into fostering an institutional culture that prioritizes the educational potential of living-learning programs and incentivizes faculty to explore and embrace this new venue for teaching and learning.

Discussion Questions

  • In LLCs, what does collaboration look like between faculty, staff and senior leaders at your institution?
  • How can you structure incentives to appeal to the faculty and staff at multiple levels—financially, academically, and personally?
  • What structures are available at your institution to support and sustain programming in your living learning community (LLC)?
  • What type of culture is present at your institution, and how does it attract and sustain faculty and staff leadership?
  • What are the strategic goals of academic programs and associated faculty that could be enhanced with resources (facilities, partnerships, increased student contact, applied learning, etc.)?