Book cover for The Faculty Factor: Developing Faculty Engagement with Living Learning Communities
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ISBN: 9781642672534

January 2023

With vignette “Growing Up on Campus” by Lily Sriram

This chapter looks at faculty with families who live in residence on campuses. Issues such as balancing work and family, children growing up on a university campus, the importance of community for college students, student-faculty interaction, and spouse/partner integration will be discussed. The chapter also explores how families-in-residence influence the campus environment and then provides recommendations pertaining to the people, policies, programs, and places associated with FIR.

Discussion Questions

  • What are the aims, purposes, and outcomes of the FIR program, and how do families-in-residence help to reach such goals?
  • How can the people, policies, programs, and places associated with FIR programs help to fully engage and utilize the resource of families-in-residence?
  • What education or training do families-in-residence need in preparation for their transition onto campus?
  • What education or training do departments around campus need in preparation for interacting with and serving families-in-residence?
  • Which university representatives are responsible for helping to meet the needs of families-in-residence?