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ISBN: 9781642672534

January 2023

With vignette “Life Chronicles from a Faculty-in-Residence” by Wendy Cohn

This chapter provides some concrete guidelines for how faculty in residence (FIR) can balance work in residence while they live-in. When the workplace and home life are in the same building, it can be a challenge to find time for home life, family and self. This chapter takes a deeper look at how a faculty in residence can overcome the challenge of work-life balance and provides practical steps for others who may be facing a challenge such as this one.

Discussion Questions

  • Although this chapter is written specifically about work-life balance for Faculty-in-Residence, many of the ideas are applicable to faculty working with LLCs, live-in staff, and other campus partners involved with LLCs. What are some challenges described in the chapter that resonate with you?
  • What are the current expectations for faculty and staff in your LLC and/or FIR program?
  • How do faculty and their residence life partners balance LLC work with their other job responsibilities? What official structures are in place to support work-life balance?
  • This chapter outlined three groups faculty (and staff involved with LLCs) should have conversations with about expectations: family, home department, and LLC staff. Are there other people to be considered in these conversations? If so, who?