Book cover for The Faculty Factor: Developing Faculty Engagement with Living Learning Communities
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ISBN: 9781642672534

January 2023

With vignette “Faculty-Residential Life Partnerships: Productive Relationships” by Caleb Keith

Intended as a how-to guide for faculty and their residence life counterparts as they work together, this chapter offers opportunities to define their roles separately and create spaces for collaboration. This chapter begins by exploring the professional roles and context of faculty and residential life professionals outside of their partnership within LLCs. In addition, the chapter guides readers through key challenges to lay the groundwork for  productive relationships with open communication and sets up collaboration models that faculty and RL partners might consider for their specific relationship. Finally, the chapter discusses assessment of the LLC and how metrics can be used to guide the success of the program.

Discussion Questions

  • What are the day-to-day job expectations for LLC team members? How does each individual’s work with LLCs fit into these job expectations?
  • At your institution, what are faculty expectations for tenure and promotion? What are the job expectations for staff members, especially related to merit review or promotion?
  • What are the short-term goals for LLC partnerships? What are some long-term goals for the partnership? How do these partnership goals support the goals of your primary job expectations?