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ISBN: 9781642672534

January 2023

The leadership team overseeing an LLC’s operation is the middle ground between the academic and student affairs spheres. Although these two cultures cohabitate on campus and work with the same students, they often operate in seemingly different worlds. Creating common expectations, policies, procedures, and common knowledge is a paramount step in an LLC, especially as both faculty and staff transition in and out of the LLC. This section provides a list of topics to consider for both training and written resources. In addition, a sample table of contents for an LLC handbook or manual has been provided. Not all these topics apply to every program.

How residence life and housing works

  • Acronyms and definitions
  • Organization chart—who does what
  • Important dates and rhythm of the year
  • Contact information

The work of faculty in an LLC

  • Faculty job description, compensation, and expectations
  • Overview of the LLC—traditions, values, history of the LLC
  • Terms and evaluations—how long may faculty members serve in a FIR role
  • Event planning
  • Budget information
  • Important links and websites
  • Meal allowance

Living On Campus

  • Moving on campus (walk through, furniture, moving expenses)
  • Moving off campus (walk through, furniture, moving expenses)
  • Furniture
  • Work orders requests
  • Pet policies
  • Parking
  • IDs, access, and keys for faculty and families
  • Guest and visitor expectations
  • Emergency procedures
  • Furniture guides, painting, and other logistical questions regarding living on campus
  • Technology (cable and Wi-Fi) access for faculty and families
  • Campus mail and packages