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October 3, 2022

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November 2022

From chapter 3, “Understanding Alumni Writing Experiences in the United States”

Figure 3.1. Demographics for the 2019 Center for Engaged Learning/Elon Poll survey

Infographic showing demographic data for the CEL/Elon Poll survey. Age: 18-24 is 20% (n=315); 25-34 is 80% (n=1260). Gender: Male is 44% (n=693; Female is 56% (n=882). Region: Midwest 21% (n=331); Northeast 21% (n=331); South 34% (n=535); West 24% (n=378). Size of college: Large >15K undergrades 29% (n=458); Medium 4-15K undergrads 47% (n=741); Small <4K undergrads 24% (n=373). Race and Ethnicity: White non-Hispanic 67% (n=1055); Black 11% (n=173); Hispanic or Latinx 12% (n=189); Other 10% (n=158). Vector map of the USA with states from