Doing Engaged Learning

The Center for Engaged Learning is excited to share current thinking about specific “high-impact” educational practices. This section of the Center’s website features annotated resources about study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, service-learning, writing-intensive courses, living-learning communities, and so on, as well as frequent blog posts by experts on these high-impact practices. 

Our featured resources include:

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Video still of Desiree Porter describing her Undergraduate Research Experience

The High Impact of Engaging Race Consciously 

by Buffie Longmire-Avital For over a decade, Kuh’s (2008) work on the critical importance of engaged learning has shaped the undergraduate college and university experience. Taking part in at least one engaged learning practice, dubbed “High Impact Practices,” at some point during …

Ketevan Kupatadze

Reflections on the benefits of student-faculty partnerships

by Lucia Maribel Craige, Erin Jenkins, and Ketevan Kupatadze In this blog post we continue reflecting on our experience with student-faculty partnership on course (re)design. Here we will be responding to two reflective questions: Student-faculty partnership is a relatively new …