Doing Engaged Learning

The Center for Engaged Learning is excited to share current thinking about specific “high-impact” educational practices. This section of the Center’s website features annotated resources about study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, service-learning, writing-intensive courses, living-learning communities, and so on, as well as frequent blog posts by experts on these high-impact practices. 

Our featured resources include:

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Section two graphic illustration

The Power of Partnership, Section Two: The Interstices

by Sophia Abbot Section 2 of The Power of Partnership is called “Intersections.” Sam Hester’s opening illustration for the section fully embraces this theme. She visually disrupts boundaries and juxtaposes apparent opposites, suggesting that the space where those opposites meet …

What Dr. Kutulas so wonderfully describes in her writing is what a really good class should be (and hopefully often is) like: an immersive journey into the subject matter of the course. 

Immersion is a Structure, and a Construct

by Phillip Motley The coronavirus pandemic has slowed, but not stopped, my investigation of immersive learning practices in higher education. In particular, my plans to conduct in-person interviews of university teaching faculty about their experiences with immersive learning have been …


Mentoring Undergraduate Research during a Pandemic

In response to shifts to online learning due to COVID-19 in spring 2020 and in anticipation of alternate models for higher education in fall 2020 and beyond, we have curated publications and online resources that can help inform programmatic and …