About the Authors

Sophia AbbotSophia Abbot is a graduate student in higher education at Elon University and got her start in this field as an undergraduate in Bryn Mawr College’s SaLT program, where she developed an insatiable quest to spread partnership as a process and experience throughout higher education.


Anita AcaiAnita Acai is a PhD candidate in psychology and health professions education at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Her research interests centre on understanding how principles of social and cognitive psychology can be applied to improve training for physicians, surgeons, and other health professionals. She also maintains an active interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Mayed AhmedMayed Ahmed is a biomedical scientist. He graduated with an honours degree in biomedical sciences from the University of Westminster in 2018. During the course of his undergraduate studies, Mayed conducted multiple co-creators projects with a focus on enhancing library services by developing a mobile application.


Stephanie Barahona is an honours candidate in the Department of History at the University of Sydney. During her undergraduate studies, she worked with Amani Bell to produce and present original research on students as partners in higher education. Stephanie’s interest in higher education research is based on her passion to make universities more accessible and inclusive.

Ashley BeatheAshley Beathe is a 21C student curriculum partner and studying a masters in education (secondary teaching) at Western Sydney University following degrees in arts and health sciences. She also works part-time in the Student Experience Office at the university.


Rumy BegumGulshanara (Rumy) Begum is senior lecturer in nutrition and exercise science at the University of Westminster. She has been teaching in higher education for over fifteen years and has a strong drive to help students realise the remarkable work that they are capable of and build a strong foundation for career aspirations.


Amani BellAmani Bell’s research takes a participatory approach to exploring the challenges and opportunities of higher education. She is lead editor of the book Understanding Experiences of First Generation University Students: Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Methodologies, published by Bloomsbury in 2018.


Stephen Bloch-SchulmanStephen Bloch-Schulman was the inaugural winner (2017) of the Prize for Excellence in Philosophy Teaching, awarded by the American Philosophical Association, the American Association of Philosophy Teachers, and the Teaching Philosophy Association. He is an associate editor of Teaching and Learning Inquiry and is co-authoring Thinking Through Questions (forthcoming, Hackett Publishing) with Anthony Weston.

Anne BruderAnne Bruder is an associate professor of English at Berea College. She teaches and writes about nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American literature and culture, and experimental pedagogy. Her scholarship has appeared in, among other places, the New England Quarterly, the Michigan Historical Review, and Literature in Transition.


Nancy ChickNancy Chick is the director of faculty development at Rollins College (Florida, United States), editor of SoTL in Action (2018), co-editor of two Exploring Signature Pedagogies books (2009, 2012), and founding co-editor of Teaching & Learning Inquiry, the journal of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL).


Alison Cook-SatherAlison Cook-Sather has developed internationally recognized programs that position students as pedagogical consultants to prospective secondary teachers and to practicing college faculty members. She has worked with hundreds of faculty and students participating in pedagogical partnership and co-created courses with students. She has published five books and over 100 articles and chapters on this and related work, many co-authored with student partners.

Anna DolidzeAnna Dolidze obtained a first class business management and marketing degree at the University of Westminster in 2018 due to her hard work, extra effort, and determination. Anna is passionate about behavioural psychology, qualitative research, and marketing. Her hobbies include cooking, writing, and photography.


Bradley ElliottBradley Elliott is lecturer in physiology and Translational Physiology Research Group leader, University of Westminster. His research examines how muscle cells age, attempting to better understand how and why humans grow older. He also has a secondary interest in physiology teaching and technology driven learning.


Peter FeltenPeter Felten’s research focuses on the influence of human relationships, and on individual and institutional change, in undergraduate education. His books include The Undergraduate Experience (2016) and Engaging Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching (2014). He is co-editor of the International Journal for Academic Development and a fellow of the Gardner Institute.

Abbi Flint is an independent educational developer and researcher with longstanding interest and expertise in student engagement and partnership. She is a principal fellow of the Higher Education Academy and was a visiting research fellow in student engagement at Birmingham City University (2014-17). Abbi is particularly interested in how concepts of student engagement and partnership play out in practice, and how developing joint learning communities of students and staff can strengthen and sustain partnerships. Abbi’s poems on other topics have been published in Route 57, and as part of the Call and Response project.

Jennifer FraserJennifer Fraser is principal lecturer in the School of Social Sciences and university director of student partnership at the University of Westminster. Jennifer’s academic background is in narrative and cultural theory, with work shaped by a commitment to inclusive practice and social justice. Jennifer is a National Teaching Fellow and a founding member of the Critical Pedagogies Group.

Hannah Goddard is a student engagement professional working within The Student Engagement Partnership (TSEP) at the National Union of Students. Hannah specialises in student engagement in higher education, focusing on student voice processes including student academic representation systems.

Rachel Guitman was an undergraduate student at the time this chapter was written, and as of spring 2019, has graduated from McMaster University with an honours bachelor of arts and science degree. As an interdisciplinary scholar, her research interests are varied, with main areas of interest being in philosophy of technology and science, medical history, cultural studies, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Sam HesterSam Hester is an indie comics creator based in Calgary, Canada, and has always been interested in integrating comics and academic writing. As a professional graphic recorder who has collaborated with a wide range of organizations in Canada, Sam captures visual stories by drawing upon deep listening skills, a unique graphic style, a passion for community-building . . . and a lot of markers.

Chng Huang HoonChng Huang Hoon is an associate professor (English language) and is concurrently an associate provost (undergraduate education) and director (Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Centre) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). She has degrees in linguistics (UT-Austin) and philosophy (NUS). She has served on the ISSOTL Board of Directors as regional vice president (Asia Pacific, 2017-2019), and is ISSOTL’s co-president-elect (2019, with Nancy Chick).

Chinnu JoseChinnu Jose is a third year bachelor of law/ bachelor of business (accounting) student at Western Sydney University, a 21C student curriculum partner, and is one of the student representatives on the University’s Senate Education Committee.


Isabella Lenihan-IkinIsabella Lenihan-Ikin is in her fifth year of a conjoint degree, bachelor of law and bachelor of science (hons), at Victoria University of Wellington. Alongside her studies, Isabella is a student representative—she is a current student-member on the University Council and is a former vice president of the Students’ Association.


Claire LockardClaire Lockard is a graduate student working on her PhD in philosophy. She is interested primarily in feminist philosophy and critical race theory, and she is working on a dissertation about the ways that the call for interpretative charity in academic philosophy can enact epistemic harm on already-marginalized philosophers.


Racquel LynchRacquel Lynch is a former 21C student curriculum partner at Western Sydney University who was, at the time, studying medical science. She has now left student life to pursue new business opportunities.


Evgeniya MacleodEvgeniya Macleod is a senior lecturer at Westminster Business School (WBS), University of Westminster, London, UK. As a course leader Evgeniya is passionate about student learning experience and well-being. As a teacher who values student voice she has supported “Students as Co-Creators” projects at WBS as an academic partner.


Marisse ManthosMarisse Manthos is in her final semester of a bachelor of arts majoring in English and will move into the masters of education (secondary teaching) at Western Sydney University. She is a 21C student curriculum partner and a 2018-2019 summer scholarship student working on the research project “Teach the University.”


Jenny MarieJenny Marie oversees a range of educational enhancement work, including University College London’s student partnership schemes: UCL ChangeMakers, which supports enhancement projects; and Student Quality Reviewers, which supports student participation in quality assurance processes. She loves reading fiction and is interested in how the narratives we tell affect our lives.

Elizabeth MarquisElizabeth Marquis is an assistant professor in the Arts & Science Program at McMaster University and associate director (research) at the university’s teaching and learning institute. Beth’s SoTL research focuses on the intersections between teaching and learning and questions of equity and justice, and on film as public pedagogy. She’s also committed to supporting and researching student-faculty partnerships and oversees McMaster’s Student Partners Program.

Sasha MathraniSasha Mathrani has worked in partnership with faculty members at both Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges. She also facilitated a cohort of student partners focused on implementing the principles of “Universal Design for Learning,” and co-led a workshop on inclusive teaching that was open to all faculty at Haverford and Bryn Mawr. After graduating from Haverford, she began work at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, Connecticut, where she works as an academic technologist to help faculty enhance teaching and learning through technology.

Kelly E. MatthewsKelly E. Matthews is currently an academic (member of faculty) at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.



Susannah McGowanSusannah McGowan focuses most of her daily work on designing and implementing evidence-based educational development programs for faculty, professional staff, and students as a vehicle for curricular transformation. Her research interests include digital, threshold concepts in history, student as partners work, and the impact of educational development in higher education. Susannah is also a Gardner Institute fellow and she co-facilitates the Teaching and Learning Academy, an annual course design workshop incorporating inclusive, evidence-based pedagogies.

Lucy Mercer-MapstoneLucy Mercer-Mapstone was a postgraduate student when this book was in its infancy. When the book was published, she was a lecturer in higher education pedagogy. Her research and practice focus on student engagement and social justice in higher education teaching and learning.


Helen MeskhidzeHelen Meskhidze is a graduate student at the University of California, Irvine. Her research focuses on epistemological issues that arise in astrophysics and cosmology. She is particularly interested in the roles computer simulations play in such contexts.


Desika NarayananDesika Narayanan is an assistant professor of astronomy at the University of Florida, though was an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Haverford College during his time of student-teacher partnership with Sophia Abbot. Alongside his research interests of theoretical galaxy evolution and star formation, he is interested in increasing the accessibility of the field to a more diverse student and researcher population.

Kathy NguyenKathy Nguyen is studying science at Western Sydney University and is a former 21C student curriculum partner. She is currently working in the university’s Graduate Research School.


Anita NtemAnita Ntem graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2018 with a degree in psychology and a minor in educational studies. Her journey in student-faculty partnerships through the Students as Learners and Teachers (SaLT) program afforded her the opportunity to engage in various departmental partnerships, lead consultant meetings, and become a presenter and facilitator for partnership conferences, resulting in her continued efforts in academia.

Brad OlsenBrad Olsen is a senior economist at Infometrics and a community leader. During his studies, Brad was a student representative on the Academic Board and the Faculty of Commerce Board. In 2016, he was named as New Zealand’s Queen’s Young Leader for his leadership and youth engagement work.


Tai PesetaTai Peseta is a senior lecturer in the Learning Transformations team at Western Sydney University. She leads the student partnership strategy as part of the University’s 21C Project.



Julie PhillipsJulie Phillips graduated from Elon University in 2015 with a BA in history and international studies, and a minor in political science. She earned her JD from William & Mary Law School in 2019 and is currently practicing in Washington, D.C.


Jenny PizzicaJenny Pizzica is a senior lecturer in the Learning Transformations team at Western Sydney University. She leads the university’s 21C strategy on partnership pedagogy.



Hassan RazaHassan Raza is a 21C student curriculum partner and is nearing the end of his study in business, marketing, and arts at Western Sydney University. He also works casually in the Student Experience Office at the university.


Heather SmithHeather Smith is professor of global and international studies at the University of Northern British Columbia. Currently on leave, she is a visiting scholar in the Department of Political Science at Dalhousie University. She is also a 3M National Teaching Fellow (2006).


Bonnie StanwayBonnie Rose Stanway conducts doctoral research at the University of Sydney, exploring the intersection of sociolinguistics, cultural competence, and organisational studies. She is also a passionate educator, as a tutor and an associate lecturer in the Business School. Bonnie is focussed on improving policies and practices which encourage the success of both international and domestic students.

Kathryn A. SutherlandKathryn Sutherland is an associate professor in the Centre for Academic Development. Her research and teaching focus on early career academics, and more recently, on student-staff partnerships in learning and teaching. She is co-director of Victoria University of Wellington’s new partnership programme, Ako in Action.


Emma TennentEmma Tennent is a PhD student in psychology, studying language and social interaction, with a focus on gender and identity. She is new to the work of academic development, but excited to further explore the possibilities of partnership in learning and teaching.


Kate Carruthers Thomas is senior research fellow at Birmingham City University, specialising in interdisciplinary research into higher education, gender, and equalities. She classes herself as an accidental cartoonist and is developing a practice of graphic social science, using visual methods and media in her research practice and communication.

Moonisah UsmanMoonisah Usman is a PhD candidate in biomedical sciences and the student partnership programme coordinator at the University of Westminster. Moonisah has an interest in inclusive pedagogical practices that crosses both her disciplinary and partnership work. Moonisah’s research and teaching is in the area of physiology, molecular genetics, and cancer.


Roselynn VerwoordRoselynn Verwoord is a PhD candidate in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She works as a curriculum consultant at the UBC Centre for Teaching Learning and Technology and as an instructor in teacher education and adult education. Her research interests include student partnership and teacher inquiry.


Marc WilsonMarc Wilson, as well as teaching and researching social psychology, mental health, and psychological research methods and statistics, has been involved in scholarship around learning and teaching that has included (following behind Kathryn Sutherland) early career academic experiences, the experiences of departmental heads, and initiatives fostering Maori and Pasifika student success.


Sean WilsonSean Wilson is currently completing his master’s of arts in teaching at Duke University. He plans to teach social studies in Durham public schools beginning in August 2019.



Fathimath Zuruwath ZareerFathimath Zuruwath Zareer is a third-year undergraduate studying accounting at the University of Westminster and is currently interning on a finance industrial placement at Goldman Sachs. Zuruwath was part of a research group on career and employability services and also sits on the course committee panel. She spends her free time travelling, fashion designing, and reading.