Postscript by Stephen Bloch-Schulman

In the post-script to “From Novelty to Norm” (included in the chapter download), I raise some ethical and political questions about the ways we understand the equity of these partnerships. This post-script began with comments by the editors about how, in “From Novelty to Norm,” students were speaking in the first person, about events that were quite upsetting and challenging to them, whereas faculty never appear vulnerable. I use this comment as an opportunity to ruminate on some of the multiple ways equity and partnership might appear, and to think about how, because partnerships are unlikely to meet all of these goals, we who engage in partner work need to think carefully about which goals we take (and which we thereby leave behind).

Reflection Questions for Readers

  • What are the possible separate educative goals for different people in student-faculty partnerships?
  • How should we, and who should, decide which of these goals we should value and strive for?