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January 2020

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January 2020

In this dialogue, we—a faculty member and a student working in partnership—explore partnership’s potentials and limitations in relation to social change. We address partnership’s relationship to politics, its place within institutions and conceptions of change, and how it figures within individual relationships. In addition, we discuss whether partnership is “radical” or “transformational,” and what these terms might mean in the institutional contexts of postsecondary education. This examination stems from our desire to contribute to ongoing discussions about partnership and change by connecting partnership to larger political and institutional questions.

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Discussion Questions

  • Do you seek to make institutional change when engaging in partnership practice, and if so, what changes do you seek out?
  • How might we create systems, structures, and processes that enhance partnership’s capacity to contribute to institutional change? Should we?
  • What might be an effective structure or strategy that could grow or support “counter-spaces” in your context?

Rachel Guitman and Elizabeth Marquis