Section Three: Growing Partnership

Section three graphic illustration by Sam HesterIllustration by Sam Hester
Introduction by Jenny Marie

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This section, with an introduction from Dr Jenny Marie, travels through diverging and converging paths of growth through and of partnership in different contexts at personal, classroom, and institutional levels.

10. Discerning Growth
Sasha Mathrani and Alison Cook-Sather

11. Space in the Margin
Abbi Flint

12. Increasing the Participation of Underrepresented Minorities in STEM Classes through Student-Instructor Partnerships
Desika Narayanan and Sophia Abbot

13. Personal Growth through Traditional and Radical Partnerships
Anita Ntem

14. “I’ve Seen You”
Jennifer Fraser, Moonisah Usman, Kate Carruthers Thomas, Mayed Ahmed, Anna Dolidze, Fathimath Zuruwath Zareer, Rumy Begum, Bradley Elliott, and Evgeniya Macleod

15. Sitting on Rocks, Human Knots, and Other Lessons I Learned in Partnership
Anne Bruder

Reflection Questions for Readers

  1. Authors in this section drew on a lot of metaphors to explore partnership. What metaphors could be used to explore your partnership thinking and practice? How do different metaphors shed new light on your understanding of partnership?
  2. Jenny Marie, in the introduction to this section, describes author’s partnerships as many “winding paths and tempestuous journeys.” If you were to illustrate or describe your partnership thinking or practice as a journey, what story would you tell?
  3. What different facets of growth have you experienced in and through your partnership thinking and practice? How have you grown (in) partnership(s)? What fertilizer has been critical to that growth? Which offshoots of growth have been most surprising?