Section One: Power and Politics

section one graphic illustration by sam hesterIllustration by Sam Hester
Introduction by Chng Huang Hoon

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This section, with an introduction written by Associate Professor Huang Hoon Chng, traverses gritty issues relating to the role of power and politics in shaping—from within and without—student-staff partnership in higher education.

1. The P.O.W.E.R. Framework
Roselynn Verwoord and Heather Smith

2. From Novelty to Norm
Sean Wilson, Julie Phillips, Helen Meskhidze, Claire Lockard, Peter Felten, Susannah McGowan, and Stephen Bloch-Schulman

3. Unlearning Hierarchies and Striving for Relational Diversity
Rachel Guitman, Anita Acai, and Lucy Mercer-Mapstone

4. Power, Partnership, and Representation
Abbi Flint and Hannah Goddard

5. Partnership as a Civic Process
Isabella Lenihan-Ikin, Brad Olsen, Kathryn A. Sutherland, Emma Tennent, and Marc Wilson

Reflection Questions for Readers

  1. How might systemic societal power in terms of privilege and oppression (for example, racism, sexism, hetero-normativity) play out in or impact your partnership practices?
  2. What unlearning might you need to do to be a more effective partner?
  3. How could partnership in higher education contribute to the power and politics of society beyond our institutions?