Section Two: Intersections

Section two graphic illustrationIllustration by Sam Hester
Introduction by Nancy Chick

Read the section two introduction [PDF]

This section, with an introduction written by Dr. Nancy Chick, explores the interstices between student-staff partnership and different theories, pedagogies, cultures, and identities.

6. A Partnership Mindset
Tai Peseta, Jenny Pizzica, Ashley Beathe, Chinnu Jose, Racquel Lynch, Marisse Manthos, Kathy Nguyen, Hassan Raza

7. The Experience of Partnerships in Learning and Teaching
Kelly E. Matthews

8. On the Edge
Amani Bell, Stephanie Barahona, and Bonnie Rose Stanway

9. A Radical Practice?
Rachel Guitman and Elizabeth Marquis

Reflection Questions for Readers

  • Areas of intersections—borderlands or in-between places—can be areas of rich growth. Why might these be such a reoccurring theme for student-staff partnership?
  • What intersections in your partnership thinking and practice could or do foster growth?
  • We often consider how partnership intersects with aspects within and of higher education. How and where might your partnership thinking and practice intersect with people, places, and spaces outside of higher education?