Chapter 15: Sitting on Rocks, Human Knots, and Other Lessons I Learned in Partnership

Anne Bruder

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This chapter considers pedagogical partnership as a means of reenvisioning the instructor’s role at the front of the classroom. In exploring two partnerships in two different settings, the reflective chapter argues that partnership can dismantle traditional classroom power structures and transform pedagogical practices, such as assignment creation and discussion facilitation.

Reflection Questions for Readers

  • As a faculty member, what are your impediments to transparency with your students? How does it feel to dwell in a space of experimentation with your students?
  • How do external pressures limit your vision of the possible for partnership?
  • For student partners: Riley was able to see my material in ways that I overlooked; with what frame of mind do you think she was able to draw the conclusions that she did? How might “reading for class” be different than “reading for partnership”?